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The True Cost of Getting Home Safely..... You may be Pleasantly Surprised!

If you live out of town, and have a night out, how do you generally get home?  I know we are biased, but we think Scoot is the safest, most convenient, and cost effective way of getting home!    We decided to do a comparison table to try to help you see that we may actually be saving you money, and/or time at the end of your night.

We selected a range of areas just outside of Edinburgh, and priced up the cost of getting a Scoot home or a taxi into town and home again.  As you can see, Scoot is cheaper everytime than a return taxi fare.
































































































































































































































    Scoot   Black/Private cab 2 way    
Musselburgh   25-28   36-38    
Dalkeith   28-31   44    
Newtongrange   31-35   48    
Juniper Green   23-25   30-32    
Balerno   29-32   42-44    
Currie   26-29   34-38    
Ratho   33-36   46-48    
Penicuik   34-38   52    
Dunfermline   49-55   100    
S.Queensferry   34-37   48-50    
N.Queensferry   41-45   62-66    


We then got to thinking, well, some of these places are accessible at night by either train and/or night bus.  So how do we compare then?



First lets look at trains.  The cost of a return train fare in the evening to these places, is probably going to cost you no more than £5, but you are restricted by time, with the last train leaving Edinburgh before 11.30pm.  The other issue is, do you then need to get a taxi, or a bus from the train station at the other end?  If so, that means waiting around in the dark and/or cold possibly on your own, for your transport, after having had a drink or two.  Not only is it possible that your journey home will probably take you around an hour or possibly more,  but it is also late, and you are more vulnerable  having had a few drinks!

Cost rating ****  Time Rating ***  Safety Rating *


Night Bus

If you choose the night bus, you are not restricted on  the time you can go home, as they run through most of the night, but then the routes are restricted, and not only can they take you quite a while to get home, but you may be facing a bit of a walk at the other end, a in the dark, possibly on your own, with sore feet, and after having been drinking!

Cost Rating *****  Time Rating **  Safety Rating *



If you are relying on a taxi, how long does it take you to wait for one after your night is over?  Not only that, but you would save yourself money if you used Scoot!

Cost Rating **  Time Rating **  Safety Rating ***



Now, look at your alternative.  You drive yourself into town.  Park as close to your destination as you can, call Scoot to confirm your parking position, and the time you wish to go home.  When your night is finished, meet your Scoot driver at your car, and he will drive you and your car back to your own door. Total time taken, is most likely less then 30 mins!   Total cost of your journey may work out slightly more than if you took a bus or a train, but is getting home safely, and quickly worth it?  We think so!

Cost Rating *** Time Rating *****  Safety Rating *****


Why not Scoot home this weekend, and you'll see how easy it is!  You'll wonder why you never did it sooner! Also, If you live close to friends, then share a car, and split the cost, and save even more!

If you know someone that will benefit from an easier, cheaper and safer way to get home, then please share our blog and help us spread the word!

Call 0131 656 6666 or visit www.scootltd.co.uk

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