Ranjit Anderson

Ranjit Anderson


Pre-Scoot, I was a senior scientist working in genetics but you could say that business has always been in my DNA. I started out as my dad’s ‘right-hand woman’ at the age of 10, helping with the family retail and property businesses.

Establishing a business that reflects my personal values has always been a life goal. At the age of 27, I took the plunge – leaving test tubes and spreadsheets behind to become the joint MD of Scoot, with responsibility for Sales and Finance, and er, spreadsheets.

Family is very important to me. My husband Mike and I run Scoot together, and our daughter Riya (6) is already establishing herself as an MD-in-training, with her own office in Scoot HQ. We’ve built our business with family values at the core, and our loyal drivers and customers are part of the big, extended Scoot family. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I’m not at work, you’ll either find me chauffeuring Riya to her various activities or enjoying a glass of good red wine with friends at one of our partner venues, putting the Scoot service to the test!

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson


On paper my wife Ranjit and I are joint partners in Scoot, in reality, as with most successful marriages I suspect, Ranjit is unequivocally the boss!

It’s hard to remember a time before I was Operations Director of Scoot – it’s such a big part of my life. When I first left my career in banking to establish Scoot in 1997, we literally did everything ourselves from answering the phones to driving the scooters. We’re still very much ‘hands-on’ but thankfully technology has advanced and we no longer give  quotes based on distance measured on a map by a piece of string.

When I was growing up, I didn’t really consider starting my own company as an option. I was so focused on sport that I always thought I would go down that route, perhaps into coaching. I made it as far as becoming Scotland’s Under 20s Fencing Champion, before surrendering my foil in favour of more traditional student pursuits.

When I’m not at Scoot HQ, which isn’t often, you will find me hanging out with my daughter Riya or cheering on my beloved Dundee United.