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How does Scoot work?

Please see our ‘How Scoot Works’ web page for more information.

How can I tell you exactly where I’ll be parked when I book?

When you book, tell us where you intend to park and if this changes slightly that’s no problem, just make sure you let us know exactly where your car will be once you’ve parked up.

Please also remember that the Scoot driver will meet you at your car and not at the restaurant you are dining in for example, so please give us the location of your car, rather than the event.

How and when do I pay?

You can pay by cash at the end of your Scoot journey

Or, pay by credit or debit card via your account on the Scoot app or website en route or at the end of your journey.  Amex cards are not accepted.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your mobile, tablet or laptop with you, you can pay securely over the phone.



How can I make a complaint?

We hope you that you will never need to make a complaint but if you are unhappy with any aspect of the Scoot service, please let us know as soon as possible by phoning 0131 656 6666 or emailing us at:

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your driver’s behaviour please let them know at the time so they can address this, as well as reporting it afterwards.

We value your custom and will do our best to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

Can I book a Scoot with less than an hour's notice?

Please phone us on 0131 656 6666 to check if we have a driver available, if you are hoping to book a Scoot at short notice (within an hour or less). We will always try our best to accommodate your request. If successful, we will confirm your booking by email. Please call us immediately if we have verbally confirmed your booking but you have not received a confirmation email 30 minutes before your requested pick-up time.

How do I get the Scoot App

Search scoot on your mobile, once the website opens in your phone you can select the option to save the scoot icon to your homescreen.

Can I book a Scoot for before 5pm?

Please aim to give us 24 hours’ notice or more if you would like to book a ‘daytime’ Scoot. We will always try our best to accommodate your request and will often be able to arrange for a driver to pick you up. Unfortunately we can’t always guarantee this however, as our drivers’ schedules are based on meeting our periods of peak demand: primarily evenings.

Can I book a Scoot to and from anywhere in the UK?

Scoot is primarily an Edinburgh-based service, although we pride ourselves in meeting the driving needs of customers all across Central Scotland and even further afield.

Please note that price quotes obtained via the Scoot website, assume pick-up or drop-off in Edinburgh. Where both pick-up and drop-off are outside Edinburgh, we will do our very best to accommodate this. To help us, please give us as much notice as possible and be aware that there will be an additional cost over and above the estimate quoted online, to reflect additional driving time to pick-up/drop-off.

Where and when should I meet my driver?

At your car at the time you booked.

The Scoot driver is not able to leave his scooter unattended to come into the venue to collect you or your keys.

What are Scoot’s opening hours?

The Scoot office is open 7 days a week.  During school holidays the scoot office may close on Mondays, we will notify customers on our Facebook page.

Pre 5pm, Booking requests can be made through the website. Or you can call the office to speak to an operator after 5pm.

We always have drivers available during our core hours of 6pm – 2am. For journeys outwith these hours you are best to book in advance.

Please note Sunday to Wednesday we may close the office by 11pm if we have safely driven everyone home and no other bookings are in at this time.

When is the latest I should expect to receive a booking confirmation email?

You will receive a booking confirmation email the same day if your booking is made within office hours.

If you are booking at short notice over the phone, you should receive a booking confirmation email within 30 minutes of your requested pick-up time.  

Please phone us on 0131 656 6666 if you have not received a booking confirmation email within the outlined timescales.

Can you take a payment from the debit / credit card associated with my Scoot account?

You can pre-authorise a payment to be taken from the card associated with your Scoot account, when you book. Payment will be taken at the end of your journey.

How do I know that the driver has arrived at my car?

We will try and send you a courtesy text, 5 minutes before your driver arrives (not guaranteed) but it remains your responsibility to look out for your driver and meet your driver at your car at the booked time.

Do I just call up when I'm ready to go home?

While Scoot can often respond within half an hour, on busier nights on the spot calls may result in a wait of more than an hour. It is always best to call at least 3 or 4 hours in advance, particularly for prime time weekend slots. It is often difficult to predict how busy we will be so it is always best to prebook!  If you are looking to go home between 8pm and 10pm any day of the week, generally an hour to 2 hours notice is fine.

Is there anything else I should consider when parking?

Please make sure your car is parked legally and safely, with sufficient space on all sides to give your driver easy access to load the scooter into your boot on arrival and to drive off safely.  Please notify your driver if there are any obstructions either underneath or behind your car.

Your driver has the right to refuse to drive or park your car if they consider the manoeuvre/location to be unsafe.

How can I report an incident?

If you do need to report an incident, please make sure you contact us within 24 hours of the incident occurring on 0131 656 6666. You can leave a message outwith office hours and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I don’t receive/notice the text message?

In the event that you do not receive or notice the text message, the onus is on you to be at the car for the booked time or to call the office. Scoot will not be held liable for any service failure, as the text service is a courtesy only and relies on factors outwith Scoot’s control such as mobile reception, provision of up-to-date contact details etc.

How can I contact Scoot?

Call Scoot on 0131 656 6666 to speak to us during opening hours or leave a message outside of these times.

Email Scoot to book or with general queries at:

Email Scoot marketing at:

Email Scoot operations at:

Visit our Scoot Facebook page and follow us on twitter @ScootLtd

What services does Scoot provide?

Most people know Scoot as the people who drive you and your car home safely after a night out, but did you know we also get people home from:

  • Weddings
  • Rugby events
  • Golf
  • Horse racing events
  • Hospital appointments
  • Festivals
  • Dinner parties
  • Airports
  • Ferry terminals

We can also move the car without you in it:

  • Valet parking for big events
  • Getting your car to and from garage to get serviced
  • Car only (just leave us the keys – you don’t need to be there).


What is Scoot’s incident procedure?

Scoot has a standard procedure in place for incidents, approved by our insurers. Once you have reported the incident within the mandatory 24-hour period, Scoot will send a representative to examine any damage to your vehicle and if necessary, arrange for it to be assessed by our preferred garage.

Please do not take the vehicle to a garage yourself, if you wish to make a claim.

Scoot will not take any responsibility for damage to your car caused by the road; setting off from or parking in an unsuitable location or where the owner is not present if this is reported the next day and not substantiated by the driver. If you are not comfortable with this, please make sure you remain in the car with the driver at all times.

What are the Scoot terms and conditions of service?

You can find a full list of our terms and conditions here. You will be prompted to acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before booking a Scoot.  Please read the ts and cs so you are clear on how to avoid charges.

Can I tip the driver?

Yes please. Any tip is entirely at your discretion but your driver would certainly appreciate it.

Does Scoot ever close for holidays?

Scoot closes from 31 December to 5 January every year.

Scoot sometimes closes on Mondays in School term hollidays.  We update Facebook re these days.

What if I'm parking in a remote, rural location?

We do rural and city pick-ups. If parking in a remote, rural location, please give us as detailed a description as possible of where you intend to park, including the post code and directions for access i.e. gated entry, back entrance etc.

If this changes slightly on arrival, please let us know as soon as possible.

We advise keeping your mobile switched on and accessible so that the Scoot driver can contact you if they have any difficulty locating your car.

Are you insured to drive my car?

Yes, Scoot drivers are fully insured to drive any vehicle

Do I need to be a Scoot member to book?

You don’t need to be a Scoot member to book, but you do need to set up a Scoot user account online.

With membership starting from just £15 per year and offering access to regular discounts and the ability to pre-book we think it makes sense to become a member. Find out how to become a Scoot member

How will I recognise my driver?

Scoot drivers always wear a Scoot name badge.

Please be aware that your driver may already be behind your car, in the process of dismantling their scooter, so please have a thorough look if you don’t spot them at first.

Can I leave my keys somewhere for Scoot to collect my car only?

Yes. Just let us know how and where the driver can collect your keys (see below), ensure your address details are up to date for drop-off and confirm where you would like the keys left afterwards. You can do this over the phone or via the ‘notes’ section if booking online.

IMPORTANT. Please note that the driver cannot leave his scooter unattended to come into a venue to collect your keys, so our preference is for you to hand them over in person either at the parking location or at the venue door if suitable.

What if I can’t see my driver?

If you’ve had a thorough look and been waiting for 5 minutes or more at the agreed time and location and your driver has not arrived, or we haven’t updated you that he’s running late, please continue to wait by your vehicle and contact us as soon as possible so we can advise.

How can I be sure that the scooter will fit into the boot of my car?

Our scooters come apart to fit into three bags (approx. 100x50x70cm; 80x50x30cm and 40x30x30cm) which fit into the empty boot of almost any car, even a Smart Car.

When you get a quote and book, please check to make sure your car is on the list of Scoot approved cars. If not, please call to check with us directly if your car boot will be big enough.

In general, if you can fit a large suitcase into your boot, you can fit one of our scooters.

What if I’m not ready to meet the driver at the agreed time?

Your driver will wait for an additional 5 minutes for no additional cost. If you are 5 to 15 minutes late, you will be charged 50p for each additional minute.

Delays of longer than 15 minutes must be pre-authorised by the Scoot office as a driver may no longer be available and have another pick-up scheduled. If authorisation is not given the driver will leave and you will be charged full fare if you choose to cancel the scoot at this point.

If no contact has been made and you do not show up within 15 minutes, your driver will leave and you will be charged the full cost of the fare.

What is the minimum and maximum distance I can book a Scoot for?

Our shortest journey to date has been 400 yards and our longest has been 450 miles.

Our core business tends to be within Central Scotland but we are happy to consider requests for bookings which are further afield, and will quote on an individual basis.  

We have driven customers as far afield as Newcastle, Harrogate and Gatwick.

When are Scoot’s busiest periods?

11.00pm-1am on a Friday and Saturday evening are our peak times, which tend to get booked up furthest in advance.

December, particularly the period leading up to Christmas, is our busiest time of the year.

If you are looking to book a Scoot, particularly for these peak times, we advise you to book as far in advance as possible. 

I’m running late/it’s raining, can the driver meet me in the venue?

The driver can meet you at the door of your venue by prior arrangement if it does not involve leaving their scooter unattended but cannot enter the venue. If your venue is  quite a distance from the car and you would like the driver to go collect the car and bring it back to you, this needs to be prearranged and will incur an extra charge.  If not booked in advance we not have time to do this.

How does the scooter fit into the boot of my car?

Our scooters come apart to fit into three bags (approx. 100x50x70cm; 80x50x30cm and 40x30x30cm) which fit into the empty boot of almost any car, even a Smart Car.

When you get a quote and book, we ask you to check to make sure your make of car is on the list of Scoot approved cars. 

Does it cost more to book a Scoot during a peak time?

No. All our journeys are priced according to distance only. However our waiting time charges are a higher rate per minute within this peak time period.

My boot is full, can the scooter go on my back seat instead?

Our standard procedure is to place the bagged scooter in the boot of your car for ease of access for our driver.  Please make sure is your boot is as empty as possible to accommodate the scooter.

If your boot is full on arrival, your driver will be happy to help you to move the contents from your car boot to the back seat to make room for the scooter. Please ensure you move anything that you do not want damaged. We do not take responsibility for damaged goods.

As a last resort we can put the scooter on the back seat, however, this is entirely at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any soiling or damage to your car seat, however unlikely this may be.

How far in advance can I book a Scoot?

How far in advance you can book depends on whether you are a Scoot member and your level of membership:

  • Non-members can book up to 3 hours in advance.
  • Silver members can book up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Gold members can book as far in advance as required.
  • Corporate members can book as far in advance as required.

If you want to book a pre-5pm Scoot, please make sure you contact us the previous day so we can schedule a driver in advance.

We advise members to use their pre-booking facility to book as far in advance as possible, particularly for peak times. While we try our hardest to meet all requests, booking is subject to availability of drivers for both non-members and members.                                                                                                                                                                

Will the scooter make a mess in my car?

The scooter is sealed into bags and then loaded into the boot of your car. The bags are regularly laid on the road so we recommend keeping a liner in our boot to avoid any transference of dirt or oil.

How late can I book a Scoot?

Please note that booking is subject to availability. We always advise booking as far in advance as possible but you may be able to book a Scoot up to half an hour before your pick-up time, particularly during less busy periods. So it’s always worth contacting us to check availability.

If you want to book a Scoot for pre-5pm please make sure you contact us the previous day so we can schedule a driver in advance. 

Can you drop an additional passenger off en route?

This is possible by prior arrangement. Any journeys including a ‘via’ or change must be booked in advance to ensure the driver has enough time to make an additional drop off and to factor any additional distance into the cost of your booking.

Please do not ask your driver to make an ad hoc drop-off, as they are not authorised to do so and risk being late for their next customer. 

What if I need to change my pick-up time?

We will try our best to accommodate a change to your pick-up time but cannot guarantee that a driver will be available.

Please give us as much notice as possible if you want to change your booking time. A minimum of 1 hour’s notice is required to avoid a fee.

Changing your pick-up time within 1 hour, may incur an additional fee. See the Scoot Ts&Cs for more information.

Cancelling your journey in the last hour if trying to rearrange your time will still incur a full fare charge. 

What if I need to cancel my booking?

If you cancel with 1 hour or more’s notice, you will not incur a cancellation fee.

If you cancel within an hour of your pick-up time, you will incur a full fare cancellation charge.

If you do not contact Scoot to cancel/amend your booking and are not there to meet your driver at the pre-agreed time and location, the Scoot driver will wait a maximum of 15 minutes before leaving. The card associated with your Scoot account will then be charged for the price of the full fare as per Scoot Ts&Cs

Do I need to add Scoot to my car insurance policy?

No, you don’t need to add Scoot to your insurance policy.

Our drivers are fully insured to drive any car, including courtesy/hired/uninsured and luxury cars.

Our fully comprehensive insurance takes over as soon as our driver gets behind the wheel, in much the same way as a garage is insured to drive your car.