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Where and when should I meet my driver?

At your car at the time you booked.

The Scoot driver is not able to leave his scooter unattended to come into the venue to collect you or your keys.

How do I know that the driver has arrived at my car?

We will try and send you a courtesy text, 5 minutes before your driver arrives (not guaranteed) but it remains your responsibility to look out for your driver and meet your driver at your car at the booked time.

What if I don’t receive/notice the text message?

In the event that you do not receive or notice the text message, the onus is on you to be at the car for the booked time or to call the office. Scoot will not be held liable for any service failure, as the text service is a courtesy only and relies on factors outwith Scoot’s control such as mobile reception, provision of up-to-date contact details etc.

How will I recognise my driver?

Scoot drivers always wear a Scoot name badge.

Please be aware that your driver may already be behind your car, in the process of dismantling their scooter, so please have a thorough look if you don’t spot them at first.

What if I can’t see my driver?

If you’ve had a thorough look and been waiting for 5 minutes or more at the agreed time and location and your driver has not arrived, or we haven’t updated you that he’s running late, please continue to wait by your vehicle and contact us as soon as possible so we can advise.

What if I’m not ready to meet the driver at the agreed time?

Your driver will wait for an additional 5 minutes for no additional cost. If you are 5 to 15 minutes late, you will be charged 50p for each additional minute.

Delays of longer than 15 minutes must be pre-authorised by the Scoot office as a driver may no longer be available and have another pick-up scheduled. If authorisation is not given the driver will leave and you will be charged full fare if you choose to cancel the scoot at this point.

If no contact has been made and you do not show up within 15 minutes, your driver will leave and you will be charged the full cost of the fare.

I’m running late/it’s raining, can the driver meet me in the venue?

The driver can meet you at the door of your venue by prior arrangement if it does not involve leaving their scooter unattended but cannot enter the venue. If your venue is  quite a distance from the car and you would like the driver to go collect the car and bring it back to you, this needs to be prearranged and will incur an extra charge.  If not booked in advance we not have time to do this.

How does the scooter fit into the boot of my car?

Our scooters come apart to fit into three bags (approx. 100x50x70cm; 80x50x30cm and 40x30x30cm) which fit into the empty boot of almost any car, even a Smart Car.

When you get a quote and book, we ask you to check to make sure your make of car is on the list of Scoot approved cars. 

My boot is full, can the scooter go on my back seat instead?

Our standard procedure is to place the bagged scooter in the boot of your car for ease of access for our driver.  Please make sure is your boot is as empty as possible to accommodate the scooter.

If your boot is full on arrival, your driver will be happy to help you to move the contents from your car boot to the back seat to make room for the scooter. Please ensure you move anything that you do not want damaged. We do not take responsibility for damaged goods.

As a last resort we can put the scooter on the back seat, however, this is entirely at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any soiling or damage to your car seat, however unlikely this may be.

Will the scooter make a mess in my car?

The scooter is sealed into bags and then loaded into the boot of your car. The bags are regularly laid on the road so we recommend keeping a liner in our boot to avoid any transference of dirt or oil.

Can you drop an additional passenger off en route?

This is possible by prior arrangement. Any journeys including a ‘via’ or change must be booked in advance to ensure the driver has enough time to make an additional drop off and to factor any additional distance into the cost of your booking.

Please do not ask your driver to make an ad hoc drop-off, as they are not authorised to do so and risk being late for their next customer.