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How can I tell you exactly where I’ll be parked when I book?

When you book, tell us where you intend to park and if this changes slightly that’s no problem, just make sure you let us know exactly where your car will be once you’ve parked up.

Please also remember that the Scoot driver will meet you at your car and not at the restaurant you are dining in for example, so please give us the location of your car, rather than the event.

Is there anything else I should consider when parking?

Please make sure your car is parked legally and safely, with sufficient space on all sides to give your driver easy access to load the scooter into your boot on arrival and to drive off safely.  Please notify your driver if there are any obstructions either underneath or behind your car.

Your driver has the right to refuse to drive or park your car if they consider the manoeuvre/location to be unsafe.

What if I'm parking in a remote, rural location?

We do rural and city pick-ups. If parking in a remote, rural location, please give us as detailed a description as possible of where you intend to park, including the post code and directions for access i.e. gated entry, back entrance etc.

If this changes slightly on arrival, please let us know as soon as possible.

We advise keeping your mobile switched on and accessible so that the Scoot driver can contact you if they have any difficulty locating your car.

Can I leave my keys somewhere for Scoot to collect my car only?

Yes. Just let us know how and where the driver can collect your keys (see below), ensure your address details are up to date for drop-off and confirm where you would like the keys left afterwards. You can do this over the phone or via the ‘notes’ section if booking online.

IMPORTANT. Please note that the driver cannot leave his scooter unattended to come into a venue to collect your keys, so our preference is for you to hand them over in person either at the parking location or at the venue door if suitable.