After 19 years of driving customers home safely, Scoot is now closed. Thanks to all our customers past and present. Its been a helluva ride!

How does Scoot work?

It is very simple! Just book, drive and let Scoot drive you home.

How Scoot works

Three Simple Steps

Drive to your event in your car and book Scoot either online or by phone. Tell us where you are and when you want picked up. Meet your fully insured driver at your car at the booked time. Scoot driver will place his bike into sealed bag which will go into your car boot. Your Scoot driver will drive you home safely.

Book your scoot pod

Step 1: Book

Once you’ve registered your details with Scoot for the first time and set up a Scoot User Account, booking online or over the phone is quick and easy. Why not download the Scoot app for ultimate convenience?

Just let us know where and when to pick you up and your destination, and we’ll give you a price quote for your journey, including any cost savings on the price of a two-way taxi. You might be surprised at how much Scoot can save you. Check out our membership options for additional discounts and priority booking.

Drive anywhere pod

Step 2: Drive

Scoot customers lead busy lives. With Scoot you can plan your social life or corporate entertaining as efficiently as your working day. No more waiting around for public transport or taxis, bag yourself some valuable extra time by driving straight to your destination and parking up.

Once you’ve confirmed your location, all you need to do is get on with enjoying yourself, safe in the
knowledge that you can enjoy a few drinks if desired without risking driving while over the limit.

Get home safely pod

Step 3: Scoot

Your fully-insured driver will be waiting to meet you at the agreed location, with their scooter dismantled and in its own bag, ready to pop in the boot of your car, before driving you home. No fuss, no mess! 

All Scoot drivers have access to our comprehensive GPS system, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey, confident that Scoot will get you home safely, in good time, via the best route. The next day, your car will be exactly where you want it – giving you one less headache to worry about. All part of the Scoot service!