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A day in the life of a Scoot

Hi, My name is Mike, and I am a Scoot.  I want to tell you about a typical night in the life of a Scoot driver.

It's Saturday night, and most nights I start work at 5pm, some of the other guys start at 9pm.  Once I arrive at the office, I change into my easily recognisible green and black Scoot biker uniform, then go and check my bike.  We, each have our own bike, which is basically a 50cc or 90cc mini motorbike.  Before we go out for the evening, it is our responsibility to do basic checks on our own bikes, and ensure they are roadworthy.  Once complete, I check my helmet is fully charged, as this has a  mic in it which allows me to keep in contact with the office.  I also need to ensure my wrist mobile is charged, as this allows the office to track me when I am out on a job, as well as keep me on the right route when going to a job. 

Tonight, everything is perfect, so I go to check on my first job of the night.  I am due to pick up a couple and their 2 young children from Musselburgh at 18:30, and it is the first time they have used Scoot.   I have just enough time for a quick coffee and biscuit before I set off.  Once on the road, I enjoy my drive along to Musselburgh.  It's a lovely warm evening, and the roads are fairly clear, so I arrive with 10 mins to spare. 

The office can see from my mobile I have arrived, so they send a text to the client to inform them I am by their car.  As I am slightly early, I have time to dismantle the bike and get it in it's bag, before the clients arrive at their car, so I am ready to put it straight into the boot when they do.   As the parents strap the kids into their car seats, I get in the drivers seat, and adjust the seat and the mirror, and before long we are ready for the off!  The drive back to their house in Trinity is enjoyable, as I learn about their afternoon.  They have been at a bbq at their friends house, and had planned on only one of them having a drink. However, one of our regulars was also there, and suggested they try out Scoot, so they could both relax for the afternoon, enjoy a few drinks, but still get their car back with them and most importantly, get thier children home safely strapped into their own car seats.  

Once we arrive back at their house, I contact the office through my helmet for a price,  and am informed it is £28.  As the client pay by card with the office through my helmet (which I think made his night!) I unpack my bike from the boot, and check my mobile for my next job.  My next pick up is a couple having dinner in George Street, these guys are regulars, and use us most months, and I know them pretty well.  I always have a laugh with them as I hear about what they've been up to.  

I enjoy working  at Scoot, because it's always nice to see the guys there, I like driving different cars and the Scoot clients are all lovely too. If you think that you would like to become a Scoot driver, just give the office a call on 0131 656 6666 and find out more.

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