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Book a Scoot - The easy way!

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our brand new responsive booking website!

Scoot: safe, cost-effective and now even more convenient

If you’re new to the world of Scoot, we're the Edinburgh-based company who drive you home safely in your own car, after a night out or any other event, thanks to our customised, folding scooters that fit into the boot of almost any car.

Now we're all on the same page, we have a task for you: to check out the new Scoot online booking site Did we mention it's responsive?

Ok, let's start with the fun stuff. View the new Scoot animation before checking out some of the new, pretty darned grown- up functionality that's behind all the new cool stuff you can do on the website. Like this:

  1. Secure online booking and payment: The new convenient way to taxi just got even more convenient. This one’s the biggie. Book on-the-go from any device without the need to pick up the phone and you can choose to pay securely via the site too if you’d like to.
  2. Get an instant quote for the cost of your journey: Scoot guarantees that the cost of your journey will be cheaper than the cost of a two-way taxi (over 4 miles) and now you can see just how much you’re saving on average when you book or get a quote online.
  3. Create an online user account: Never search around for your car reg. number or payment details again. Once you’ve created a Scoot user or member’s account, we’ll remember your details each time you log on.
  4. Sign Up for or renew your membership online for less: To celebrate the launch of the new site we’re offering annual membership at 2015 prices throughout May when you sign up or renew online. What's not to love? 

Sign up to the Scoot website today for a chance to win

Make getting home from dinners and catch-ups, one less headache to worry about when you sign up to the Scoot website today here. Membership is from just £15 to £30 per year and lets you book your Scoot in advance, guaranteeing you a safe and hassle-free journey home even on the busiest of nights!

So check us out today and sign up at 100th person to sign up gets a free Scoot! (Terms and Conditions apply).

Tell us what you think

We're all about making our customers' lives simpler at Scoot, so we’d love to know what you think of our new site. Get in touch and let us know what's good and what we could improve upon so we can keep getting it right for you. And look out for our next blog post coming soon where we look into just how much you can save when you Scoot to some of our most popular destinations in and around Edinburgh and Central Scotland. We guarantee safety, convenience and good value at Scoot.

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