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Drive Safely This Winter

What to do and what to drive to stay safe on the roads this winter

At this time of year, everyone wants to give you advice on how best to deal with wintery driving conditions, from the AA to Top Gear, and we’re no different!

Scoot Mike recommends…

“No matter what type of car you have (rear- or front-wheel drive) – the best thing to do when you’re trying to pull away in icy conditions to avoid wheel spins – is not use your accelerator pedal at all but instead to very slowly lift your foot from the clutch pedal, which will see the car slowly start to take off – minus the wheel spins!

“All the Scoot drivers agree that when it comes to driving in snowy conditions nothing beats a 4 x 4. However, there are some surprises. BMWs, which are normally up there in any other driving test, are actually one of the trickiest to drive in icy weather. Rear-wheel drive means that the front wheels have little to no grip at all and can lead to the entire vehicle slipping from side to side, which can obviously be pretty dangerous, especially on motorways, or on winding county roads.

“Nor is size everything when it comes to picking a winter winner either. I’ve driven pretty much every kind of 4 x 4 going and in icy, snowy conditions, and I’ve actually been most impressed with some of the smaller Subarus like the Outback or Forrester.”

Winter vehicle sorted! Here's some of the top online advice on how to drive it when the mercury plummets...

1. Best all-round winter driving guide – The AA

You can always rely on the granddaddy of British motoring for some good, all-round sensible advice for staying safe on the roads and keeping your car running smoothly in the winter months.

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2. Best do's and don’ts of winter driving – Auto Express

Sometimes you just need someone to call it like it is: nice and simple! These straightforward tips tell you what to do and what not to do in icy conditions. For example: "It’s important to know what to do if you find yourself sliding around... unsure of how to stop in icy conditions. Do steer into the slide and keep steering until you feel it straighten up.”

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3. Best tongue-in-cheek winter driving guide – Top Gear

We’ve saved the best for last, or at least, the most amusing. Extremely impractical tips are the order of the day: borrow a Finnish rally driver, purchase an eight-wheeled, 4.8 tonne Avtoros Shaman for £88,000 or our favourite: "Don't drive: You've got spaghetti hoops in the cupboard. You've got WiFi. You've got Kerplunk. Sit it out."

Or, better still, get Scoot to do your winter driving for you!

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Best of the rest

If you want to check out some of the other great winter driving guides around, here are the links to the rest of our top picks:



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