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Getting Home from a night out safely in and around Edinburgh, SCOOT!

Dont Drink And Drive

Will your festive plans be taking you out of Edinburgh - either to get to your night out or to get home afterwards? If so, you could be paying too much for your festive tipple! Find out how much you could save on the price of a two-way taxi, when you book a Scoot to take you home…

To get a quote for your journey, just head to the Scoot website and follow the simple instructions to register and receive an instant quote. Every quote also includes details of how much you’ll be saving on the price of a two-way taxi when you drive yourself there and let Scoot drive you home.

And if saving money alone isn’t enough of an incentive, just think of all the time and effort you’ll be saving yourself too! Scoot is all about convenience: drive straight to your destination; meet your driver at the pre-booked time at your car afterwards; then sit back and relax as we Scoot you home in the comfort of your own car - so it’s right where you want it the next day.

Yes, this service really exists for journeys covering Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Here is our quick guide to approximate journey prices when you Scoot back to Edinburgh from some of our most popular locations:

  • Glasgow                       £135
  • St. Andrews R&A        £130
  • Dollar                           £85
  • Archerfield                  £70
  • Muirfield                      £65
  • Luffness                      £60

You can find out everything you need to know about Scoot, including our full terms and conditions, on the Scoot website. In the meantime, why not check out our top tips for getting the most from the service this festive season…

Scoot like a boss

  • You can generally get a driver within an hour if you are looking for a Scoot between 7pm and 10:30pm.
  • If the time slot you want isn’t available, we can offer to get your car home only, so at the very least, your car will be waiting at home for you in the morning.
  • You could pay even less than the price quoted, as this is based on a route picked automatically by Google. In practice, we will often be able to pick a shorter route based on our local knowledge and charge you less. 
  • You will always pay £2.50 less if you pay for your Scoot using cash. 
  • You can book even further in advance if you upgrade your Scoot membership. This is particularly worthwhile if you tend to go home at peak times on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (between 11pm and Midnight). Here are the benefits that our other memberships offer for a small annual fee:
  • Gold Members: Book in advance and get 10% off (max £5) all journeys for a fee of £30 p/a
  • Silver Members: Book up to 2 days in advance for a cost of £15 p/a.

Other important Scoot info you need to know

  • Our office opening hours (when you can talk directly to our Scoot Office Operator):
  • Monday:                       9am to 3pm
  • Tuesday - Saturday:    9am to late
  • Sunday:                        5pm to 11pm.
  • Our pick-up times:
    • Monday: We are currently closed
    • Tuesday to Saturday: Pick-ups start from 6pm
    • Sunday: Pick-ups start from 5:30pm
    • Pre-6pm pick-ups ideally need to be booked in by the previous day at the latest
    • If you call for a same-day pick-up, the earliest time you will be able to secure is 7pm
    • Our latest pick-up times are around 2am. 
  • Our most requested pick-up times:
    • Saturday is our busiest day and our most requested pick-up times are between 11pm and Midnight. 
    • If you are travelling from Edinburgh to an out-of-town location and require to be picked up from Midnight onwards, we recommend requesting a post-1am time slot.
  • Scoot holiday closure period:
    • Sunday 24 December 2017 (Christmas Eve)
    • Monday 25 December 2017 (Christmas Day)
    • Sunday 31 December 2017 (Hogmanay) to 03 January 2018.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog. We hope we’ve given you plenty of food for thought about how you can save money, time and convenience this festive season without having to rely on recycled turkey sandwiches!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a safe journey home, from all of us at Scoot.

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