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Girls just wanna' have fun, value for money and a safe journey home!

Cyndi Lauper said it best in her iconic party anthem: ‘Girls just wanna’ have fun’. What Cyndi didn’t go on to explore however (perhaps understandably given her remit) was the expense involved in achieving said objective, the necessity of securing safe transit home afterwards and the inconvenience of a morning after spent ferrying the offspring around to birthday parties ‘sans voiture’.

Far be it from us to lambast the legendary Lauper for this oversight – no one wants that: our aim here is merely to draw attention to how, armed with a little foresight and knowledge, a girl (and a guy too for that matter) can have their fun without compromising on value for money, personal safety and convenience.

Picture the scenario: you live outside Edinburgh, home could be East Lothian, it could be Fife, you work in Edinburgh – ergo your work nights out are in Edinburgh; you need your car to visit clients during the day and you also need it to provide familial taxi services over the weekend; time is a limited and precious commodity.

It’s time for another unmissable leaving do. The costs are already adding up: a gift, a new outfit, a manicure, drinks, eats, why not throw in a two-way taxi to and from work so you can stay out longer; plus a couple more to attend client meetings during the day, it’s only money after all?

But what if there was another way? How about holding on to some of that hard-earned cash (and time); driving to work in your own car; visiting clients in your own car throughout the day; enjoying a few beverages throughout the evening and getting home in your own car afterwards – exactly when you want to, safely and legally?

How you ask?

The answer is Scoot, the new way to taxi. Make us an essential ingredient of every night out to guarantee a fun, safe, convenient and cost-effective evening, with one less hangover to worry about the morning after - you know you wanna'.

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