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Scoot Mikes Thoughts - Scoot vs Driverless Cars

The Wonders of Modern Technology

I was reading an article about autonomous vehicles the other day and it made me think abouth the technological changes we've seen during Scoots near 16 years in business. When we started, parking sensors and heated seats were new technology. And now...We arrived at a customers car recently and upon calling the customer, we were advised he was still at a bar on the other  side of town. The customer was able to remotely open the car, and once the driver had packed up the bike and sat inside, the customer started the car remotely and we drove to collect him!!!  

No remote opening....No problem!

Scoot customers have been able to benefit from being met at the front door for years with our key collection service. Our drivers can collect your car keys and return to the front door of your venue with your car.

How's that for convenience? And we'll get you home safely AND your car will be outside waiting for you in the morning. Bonus!  Using Scoot is practically like having your own autonomous vehicle, only better!!

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of Scoot vs Driverless cars:

1. Price - You'll get a lot of Scoots before you reach the premium you'll pay for an autonomous vehicle

2. All Weather and all Roads - You know you can trust Scoot to get you home safely! Can you really trust an autonomous vehicle in the driving rain on a country road?

3. Local Road Knowledge - We know the routes you like to take and are probably more up to date than sat nav with road changes and closures

4. A friendly face - If you're a regular with Scoot, you probably feel like you're being driven home by a friend

5. Good Chat - You'll get better banter with one of our drivers than you're likely to get from Siri or Alexa. And we understand the Scottish accent! (even after a few drinks)

6. Good Looking - Ok, the car wins on the count. Sorry drivers...

So there you have it, the future may be autonomous but the present is still definitely SCOOT!

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