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Which of these men spent the night in jail?

Dont Drink And Drive

We think this is an interesting point for discussion!

Which of these men do you think spent the night in Jail?

Man A - He spent the afternoon at the rugby with his friends, then went for a few drinks after.

Man B - Spent the day in his office, worked through lunch, then went for one glass of wine after.

They both then drove home, who do you think could  have been done for drink driving?

The obvious answer is Man A, but due to the fact Man B skipped lunch, maybe his one glass of wine put him over?  Currently the drink drive limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, however, later this year, the new limit of 50mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood will be enforced.  Would you know what this entitles you to drink?  Here at the Scoot office, we have been discussing whether the safer bet would just be zero tolerance, as then you know that no amount of alcohol is safe to drink before getting behind the wheel.

What is the answer?  Do bars need to supply a breathaliser so you can check your limits before you take anther sip to be sure, or do you just  risk having the one and hope you're fine, or abstain?

We are interested to hear your thoughts on this, and what you  think should be the limit, and what you think you can safely drink before putting yourself over the new 50/100ml limit.

Are you aware that  the consequences of being caught drink driving mean you get a MINIMUM 20 year criminal record, irrelevant of how little over the limit you are?  We were shocked to discover this was the case!

Check out The Scottish Governments' Campaign for all the information.

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