After 19 years of driving customers home safely, Scoot is now closed. Thanks to all our customers past and present. Its been a helluva ride!

Don't take a risk, let Scoot take you home.



We all lead such busy lives nowadays… Make the most of your time and cut out the hassle of waiting for taxis and public transport by driving to your destination in your own car and booking a Scoot to take you home. With Scoot, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the last bus or train does, and with no need to go back and collect your car the next day, you can also enjoy a guilt-free lie-in the next day.



We all like to get value for money… Scoot guarantees to save you money on the cost of a two-way taxi every time. For longer journeys, we can often match the cost of a one-way taxi. Find out how you can save even more when you become a Scoot member. Say goodbye to those additional expenses of unnecessary overnight stays and parking fines for good, with Scoot!



Scotland’s new drink driving law means that even one alcoholic drink can put you over the legal driving limit. Don’t risk losing your licence, your vehicle, your freedom or worst case scenario your life, by driving when you could be over the legal blood alcohol limit. Even if you leave your car and go back for it the next day, you might still not be legally safe to drive. Check out our ‘Safe to drive?’ calculator below for more information. 

Should you drive the morning after?

Drag the slider to estimate how long you should wait to drive after having a drink

Time you should wait before driving

4 hours

Other ways to use Scoot

  • Garage


    “I used Scoot to get my car to the garage for a service when I couldn’t escape from work. Scoot took care of everything for me and had my car back to me before the end of the day.” 

  • Airport Pickup

    Airport Pickup

    “I had a couple of glasses of wine in the airport lounge before my flight and realised I might be over the limit to drive when I arrived home. Scoot met me at the airport carpark and drove me and my car home, saving me a lot of worry and inconvenience.”

  • Valet Parking

    Valet Parking

    “We hold a lot of events to entertain clients. Having Scoot provide a valet parking service not only makes it easier for our guests but it gives the occasion an added ‘wow factor’ that clients appreciate.”

  • Weddings


    “We wanted our wedding day in a beautiful country estate to be a dream day for everyone and not a logistical nightmare for our guests. We sent out Scoot contact details with our invitations and many of our guests booked up, delighted that they could drive there, but still enjoy a drink and Scoot back.”

    Get in touch and we can supply cards to send to your guests.

  • Hospital Appointments

    Hospital Appointments

    “I drove into hospital for what I thought was a routine appointment but ended up having a procedure which meant I couldn’t safely drive myself home. I thought of Scoot right away and they made the whole experience so much less stressful.”